What are the categories of awards?
The Honolulu Film Awards are presented to deserving filmmakers and screenwriters in four main competition tiers along with top prizes for Best of Category distinctions and Special Jury Awards, an award for the Best First-Time Filmmaker, and awards in our annual Screenplay Competition.

What are the categories of films accepted?                                  
Honolulu Film Awards accepts films of all categories including feature, documentary, short, animated, experimental, student, Hawaii, action sports, television pilots, screenplays, musicals, and music videos of any genre, length or form.

What is the deadline?                                                                     
Early Bird Deadline - August 20, 2017
Regular Deadline - November 20, 2017 
Late Deadline - January 20, 2018
Extended Deadline - March 10, 2018

What are the fees?                                                                            
Early Bird Deadline - Short: $30 / Feature: $35                                      
Regular Deadline - Short: $35 / Feature: $40                                           
Late Deadline - Short: $40 / Feature: $45
Extended Deadline -
Short: $50 / Feature: $55

Is there a student fee?                                                                         
Yes, students may subtract $10 from their entry fee but must include a photocopy of their student ID.

How long is a short film?                                                                  
Films under 50 minutes are considered short films.

How long is a feature film?                                                               
Films over 50 minutes are considered feature films.

Who are the judges?                                                                         
Our judges are comprised of a wide group of former and current professionals in the film and entertainment industry, including professional screenplay readers, along with avid and qualified
film enthusiasts that can recognize and evaluate excellence in filmmaking and storytelling in several criteria.

Should I send a press kit?                                                                      
You can inlcude a digital press kit with your project on FilmFreeway.

Does my film need to be a world premiere?
A film does not have to be a premiere.

What qualifies as a Hawaii film?
A Hawaii Film is a film that meets at least one of the following categories: 1.) Filmed entirely or partially in the State of Hawaii 2.) About the history or culture of Hawaii 3.) Key cast or crew (director, producer, writer, lead actor) from Hawaii.

Can I still submit if my film has distribution or has aired on television?

What are the sections of the festival where my film might be accepted?
Feature Film Competition                                  
Foreign Film Competition                                     
Documentary Competition
Hawaii Film Competition                                                       
Short Film Competition
Action Sports Competition                         
Student Film Competition                                                   
Music Video Competition                                                                
Animation Competition
Experimental Film Competition
Television Pilot Competition                    
Screenplay Competition

What are the acceptable preview formats?
For the submission process, we now only accept entries via FilmFreeway.

Is there an age requirement?                      
Filmmakers of any age can submit, provided it is legal in your jurisdiction.

What information do I need to provide for submission as a student filmmaker?
Please include a photocopy of your school ID.

If my film is not chosen, may I speak with a programmer for notes or feedback?
Unfortunately due to time constraints and the large number of submissions, we are unable to give individual feedback.

When will I be informed of which films are awarded prizes?                         
Our final decisions will be announced about one month prior to the awards.